Back 2 the 90s

Come BUST A MOVE and join us for a night of OLD SKOOL 90s hits! We’ll be going BOOM! SHAKE THE ROOM all night outside as SKOOBY, FRANCESCO & SELINA MURBY take over the beer garden decks so GIVE IT UP and give us THE SIGN that you love the 90s as much as we do!

If you WANNABE dancing all night to 90s hits, DON’T SPEAK just RUSH and take a JOYRIDE down to The Court on the 22nd April. We’ll be playing 90s music TO THE MOON AND BACK and TUBTHUMPING away under the stars as the marquee goes down in a BLAZE OF GLORY for summer.

BELIEVE us, this won’t be just ANOTHER NIGHT, it will BOMBASTIC, you might even say it will be EPIC!

Be the INFORMER and use your MOUTH to tell your friends to READ MY LIPS especially if you know a friend and ALL THAT SHE WANTS is a night of 90s fun! Just ask her ARE YOU GOING TO GO MY WAY to this 90s smash hit party? It’s EASY!

Too young to remember the 90s and all you know are the lyrics to the GREASE MEGAMIX? IT’S ALRIGHT, TAKE IT FROM ME, OPPOSITES ATTRACT and soon you’ll be thinking “90s, NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU! ALL I WANNA DO IS MAKE LOVE TO YOU 90s!”

So ARE YOU GOING TO GO MY WAY and be ONE OF US? If so you better JUMP in early to avoid the queue otherwise you’ll be BLUE (DA BA DEE) and you may even have SALTWATER in your eyes from your ACHEY BREAKY HEART (HOW BIZARRE!)!

We know what you’re thinking….NEVER EVER have you heard so many 90s puns! Aren’t you glad we SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST?

(PLEASE FORGIVE ME, TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY I’m sorry, don’t be INSENSITIVE, I’m just focussed on STAYIN’ ALIVE in my GANGSTA’s PARADISE behind my WONDERWALL…… all you can think about now is KILLING ME SOFTLY because I’m a 90s FREAK right?)

18plus event and ID will be required.

FREE ENTRY before 10pm.