There is a reason why DJ Skooby has been dubbed the People’s DJ and voted 4 times Perth Dance Music Awards title for Best Urban/R&B DJ!

Every time Skooby steps up to the decks anywhere in the world, it’s not just a DJ set crowds will hear, it’s a ‘show-stoppin’, track-droppin’, party-rockin’ performance made for the people!

It’s this formula that sees the Perth DJ spinning everything from R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Electro, Dance, Mash-ups and Old Skool party jams. His name has appeared on bills alongside 50 Cent, Pitbull, Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, Potbelleez, Lil Jon, Talib Kweli, Brian McKnight, Xzibit, Eve, Scribe and The AND1 Streetballers. Plus with radio shows, awards, national and international tours all under his belt it’s no wonder he has become a crowd favourite around the nation, and no doubt there is a lot more to come from the one they call ‘Show-Stoppin’, Track-Droppin’, Party-Rockin’ – People’s DJ.’