He wanted to share this musical style with the people that appreciated it the most

Danny Boi

Danny Boi’s passion for music began early, he started listening to R&B just before he hit his teen years.

With a wide range of knowledge being built up over the years his focus quickly turned to DJing. He wanted to share this musical style with the people that appreciated it the most. At the ripe age of 18 Dannyboi started working in the nightclub scene and after seven years, with time and persistence, he started to build a name for himself and picked up different residences in various night spots.

The ball started to truly roll when Danny Boi picked up a radio show on the local youth community station. Through this medium he was exposed to a wider range of people and he was able to build up a positive and recognisable image. Joining in active roles at the station also gave great media experience and the opportunity to delve into the activities of a radio station and all the things that go on behind the scenes. He was a part of some of the highest rating shows at Groove. Some of these included the breakfast crew, the ever popular Friday night fiesta, one half of the notorious Sunday Skool and now he is currently representing his true love Soul / R&B with the nationally syndicated Soul Lounge. For more information on the radio show and the Soul Lounge phenomenon check out the website http://www.soullounge.com.au.

There have been many residencies held by Danny Boi over the years including Steve’s Hotel, Marble Bar, Ambar, Escobar, Club Bayview, Varga Lounge, Metro City, Onyx, Maxx, Saphire Bar, Eurobar and The Court Hotel. Danny Boi endeavoured to change the way people listened to R&B. He wanted to be different in the way that he played. He didn’t just want to play it safe, he wanted to take risks and put himself on the line to show Perth something unique. Through the love of R&B and soul music, Danny Boi believes it can all be achieved with a smile and enjoying what you do. Watch out for the Soul Lounge radio show, coming to a state near you.